Snowmobile Tour

Enjoy the exhilarating experience of cruising on your own snowmobile along forest tracks with friends and family. Choose from a 3km, 10km, 30km or an 80km+ day tour along the longest snowmobile course in Hokkaido. A professional guide will accompany you and show you some of the most amazing mountain scenery. We are the only company to offer courses longer than 10kms. We have 80 machines but limit our tours to only 10 snowmobiles, so that you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. All safety equipment is provided.



Biei, Kitaochiai and Furano

Implementation period

1 Dec ~ 31 Mar


3km loop course・・・9:00~17:00
10km・・・①9:00~10:30 ②10:30~12:00 ③12:00~13:30 ④13:30~15:00 ⑤15:00~16:30
30km・・・①8:30~12:30 ②12:30~16:30
1 Day・・・①9:00~16:00
(include transit time)


<include tax>

【10km course】

8,400 ( 250cc )

10,600 ( 340cc )

13,200 (Double riding 340cc )


【30km course】

19,200 ( 250cc )

24,000 ( 340cc )

30,000 (Double riding 340cc )


【1Day course】

33,600 ( 250cc )

38,400 ( 340cc )


* children under 15 cannot drive but can tandem
* we have insurance of passenger
1accident ¥500,000,000
1 person ¥100,000,000
* The weather is bad we will stop the tour
* If you will go to somewhere without cancel resavation
* You need the cancel fare take care
* Cancellation by customer reason will require canceling fee.
day before reservation,30%.
until the reservation time,50%.
It will be no refund of fees can be made, either “after the program
started” or “not canceling reservation”.

* Please prepare ski wear, snow boots and ski gloves.
We are also renting at our company. If you need it, please tell us when making your reservation.
(Ski wear: ¥ 3,800 per day; ¥ 1,900 for half a day; snow boots and ski gloves: ¥ 500 each)



【Reception time】9:00~20:00

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